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5 Tips to Maximize Space with Loft Beds

Whether you are living in an urban environment, a college dorm room, or simply have many adorable children, you are probably wondering about ways to conserve bedroom space. Many people struggle with space-saving issues in their homes. They are unaware of basic interior design tips and they haven�t considered using loft bed furniture to help maximize space in small rooms and living areas. Here are five simple tips to use your space well, while maintaining comfort.

  1. Loft Beds: Loft beds are a wonderful way to save space in any room, since they use the vertical space rather than just the horizontal. The difference between a loft bed and a regular bunk bed is that a loft bed leaves room beneath it for a desk, dresser, or anything else. Also, you can purchase a triple loft bed, which allows for three people at once to sleep in a space normally only big enough for one. Loft beds are perfect for any age, and you can purchase wood loft beds, or metal loft beds, depending on your tastes. When purchasing a loft bed, be sure to consider the height and size of the room, since some loft bed arrangements, such as triple loft beds, take up a bit more space than others.
  2. Extra Storage: Storage space is always very important in a bedroom or home, so one should learn to be creative about finding the right spots for drawers, shelves, and cabinets. Always remember to use the vertical space: consider building high shelves in your room, especially if you have an elevated loft bed. Another idea is to purchase rolling storage bins for underneath the bed.
  3. Futons: A futon is another great bed option for space-maximization, since it easily folds up into a couch during the daytime hours. This will take care of sleeping and entertaining, all in one genius furniture piece.
  4. Measure, Measure, Measure: One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing furniture is that they forget to measure their space first. When dealing with smaller spaces, this is especially important, since you may have to fit your furniture into tight spots. If you are considering loft beds, remember to measure vertically from the floor to the ceiling as well, and don�t forget to leave space behind the door.
  5. Don�t Forget About Light: Lighting is a very important element of room d�cor, especially when dealing with space issues. The right lighting can create the illusion of space, while the wrong lighting will make your room seem much smaller. Remember to keep the room well-lit, and if you are using a twin loft bed, be sure to place a light both above and below the top bed, since it will split the vertical space (and light) in half.

These tips should help you to easily and affordably create more space in your room, while allowing for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

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